Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Times!

We have had a very busy couple of weeks. We discovered that Caiden has Acid Reflux and is now on meds. The meds have really helped and he is a very happy baby now. In the same week we discovered he had Reflux, we also discovered he had a clogged Tear Duct. His poor eye was swollen, watery and gunk was coming out, its much better now. So, in one week we had to bring Caiden to the doctors 3 times. Lets just say they know me very well there!

On the brighter side Caiden has become very smiley! He loves to smile and coo at mommy, daddy and a variety of objects such as, the digital clock and a Wooden monkey that is hanging on his wall. When he smiles it really makes our day, he is so adorable! Caiden also rolled over for the first time at 9 weeks old. He really hates tummy time so he discovered he can roll over so he doesn't have to be on his tummy, smart little guy! He has also discovered his fist and loves to suck on them. It is so funny because at first he would always miss his mouth and he would bonk himself in the nose. He has much better aim now!

I will be going back to work part-time on Feb. 19th. Please pray for me I am really going to miss being home with my little guy.

Caidens first time sitting in the Bumbo. He can't quite hold his head up yet but he gets stronger and stronger every day.

Tummy Time

Really sleepy guy!

Just a adorable picture!

It takes a real man to sit in a pink vibrating chair! Thanks Nana!

He is smiling at the digital clock on the shelf near the couch!

This is Caidens very first time he rolled over, you can hear my enthusiasm in the back ground. It looks like he is starting on his side but he was on his tummy. I didn't have enough time to grab the camera before he started to roll over!


jenbaum said...

Priceless! The whole thing.... I will pray for you as you go back to work, Mandy! I am sure you will all be just fine... just make sure you give yourself time to live the emotions as you adjust!!! LOVE the emotions in your rolling over video, too! It is probably more exciting listening to you than actually seeing the roll! ;)

marndt said...

Cute Caiden! Mandy I love that you are screaming in the background!!!

Sonia&Chris said...

He is just too cute for words! I love his inquisitive look.
Love you Caiden
Abuela (Bella) Sonia Y Abuelo (Bello) Chris

The Browns said...

Hey Mandy, your little guy is so cute!! I so wish we lived closer, I know I always say that, but I would just enjoy seeing your little guy and hanging out with you :) When are you going back to work? Where is Caiden going?

The Browns said...

Yah, I'm a dork, I already read in your blog when you are going to work - ignore that question. Plus you have been working for a while now, how is that going?