Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day and more...

I had a great first Mothers Day! My wonderful husband took care of Caiden while I slept in. When I woke up he had made me breakfast. After church Hughey deep cleaned my car and made it very shiny! I am a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband and son!

Caiden is now 5 1/2 months old now, time sure flies. Yesterday we decided Caiden is ready to try rice cereal. He is always watching Hughey and I as we eat and tries to grab our food. So we tried rice cereal and he LOVED IT!!! I couldn't get the cereal in his mouth fast enough. He even tried to grab the bowl from me to tell me he wanted more. I think we are in trouble when he gets older he is going to eat us to the poor house. :)

Caiden is becoming slightly mobile now. He likes to roll to his tummy and try to grab toys. I dont know how he does it but he ends up a few feet away from where I left him. He is also getting close to sitting up on his own which we are very excited about. We are so in love with our big guy he brings so much joy to our lives!

For those of you who don't already know, we are expecting baby Veal #2 arriving around November 8th. We are going to be very busy with 2 kids being only a year apart but it will be fun to see how close of friends they will be. We are truly blessed!

Caiden and Mommy on Mother's Day
Caiden's first experience with rice cereal

Love's being on his tummy!

Having fun with daddy outside

Sitting up with a little support. He is growing up so fast!


jenbaum said...

Mandy! Happy Late First Mother's Day! :) I am glad it was so great... I can't believe how big Caiden is getting. What a sweetie! Maybe I will get to meet him when I come out this summer!?! :) jen.

Kenny and Janelle said...

Caiden is so cute! How fun it must be to see the different stages he is going through! Good luck with pregnancy #2...we are thinking of you guys!

Renee said...

Yay! Thanks for the update :)
It was so great running into the three of you at Costco.
We are so thrilled about your new baby! So exciting!!

Krista Carroll said...

I love Caiden's cute little smile! I can't wait to meet him!