Thursday, November 12, 2009

He has arrived!

Landon Hugh Veal arrived November 5th at 4:28am. He weighed 6.7lbs and was 19.75 inches long. We are so excited that he has finally arrived! He is an extremely mellow baby and sleeps all the time. Since day one he has slept in 3-4 hour increments at night, which is fantastic! Caiden is adjusting to having a brother. He has shown some signs of jealousy but nothing to bad. He has been a little more cranky lately and is not understanding why the baby gets a bottle all the time and he doesnt. He has been giving his brother lots of kisses lately, which is a good sign! He also gets excited when he gets to touch his brother, we are still working on being gentle. :) We are loving having 2 boys now and feel extremely blessed they are here and healthy!

Just a few minutes old!

Daddy giving him his first scrub down!

4 days old and Grinning at mama already!

Caiden holding his little brothers hand, so sweet!

Now a family of 4!


Mark, Andrea, and Mason said...

Landon is such a beautiful baby!!! Caiden is so cute and getting so big too! Congratulations! You look so good Mandy. I hope you're feeling ok too. What a beautiful family of 4. I'm going to have to come to you guys for advice in a few weeks. I hope you're getting rest. You guys look happy.

Kenny and Janelle said...

Congratulations. I like his football PJs. He's a seahawks fan all the way.

Sandra said...

Two boys under the age of 1 !! What a good looking family you all make. Congratulations Hughey and Mandy.