Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Landon is 6 months!

Landon is now 6 month s old, we cant believe it! We had his 6 month appt and here are the stats: Weight 19.13 lbs (86%), height 27 inches (72%), and head 45.6cm (92%). It is amazing how much he has grown considering how tiny he was when he was born. He has already tripled his birth weight! :) Landon is such a wonderful addition to our family. Caiden absolutely loves him and thinks its fun to make Landon smile. Landon of course loves Caiden and watches everything he does. Landon is sitting up now and is quite the little roller. I put him down some where and leave the room, when I come back he is on the other side of the room. He started solids a few weeks ago and is doing pretty good now. It took him a while to adjust to solids. He is not a fan of rice cereal he prefers oatmeal. There really hasn't been anything that he has completely rejected but he makes it clear that he doesn't like certain foods, but will eat it any ways! :)

Other things that Landon loves:
-swinging at the park
-being outside
-Mommy (he is a mommies boy and I love it!)
-he loves being thrown in the air
-he loves jumping
-chewing on EVERYTHING
-being tickled
-Patty Cake

Landon is starting to become a lot more vocal and laughs a lot more. He has a huge smile that brightens everyones day!

I realized that i never did a post for Caiden at 6 months. I thought it would be fun to add Caidens stats to Landons so we could compare them.

Caidens stats 6 months:
weight 21.9lbs (96%)
Height 29 inches (99%)
Head 45.5cm (90%)

I remember at 6 months Caiden was sitting up and started crawling at about 7 and a half months old. Landon has so far shown no interest in crawling. It will be interesting to see when he starts.

Caiden was a whole 2 inches taller then Landon and weighed about a pound and a half more. its funny that Caiden was bigger but his head was a little smaller then Landons!

Playing with Hannah who is the same age!

Loves playing with his big brother!

Holds his own sippy cup!

Likes to eat!

Sitting up

Having fun at the park with the family!

Loves to swing!

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