Thursday, December 16, 2010

Caiden is two!

Caiden turned two on November 28th. We had a Sesame Street themed party for him. We served pizza (his favorite) and fruit. He had a great time at his party. There was a lot of kids at his party he had so much fun running around and playing with them. I think his favorite part of the party was getting sung to. He loves music and when everyone started to sing to him he got a huge smile across his face. He was also pretty excited about "Happy Cake" what he likes to call it! I cant believe we have a two year old. I still remember the day we brought him home and now he is running, jumping, and talking. Caiden is such a joy and so fun to talk to. He loves to show Landon things and gets frustrated when Landon doesn't listen to him. He has his moments with Landon but he is a good big brother.

Caiden had is two year appt and here is his stats: weight 34.6 lbs (97% with clothes on), height 36.75 inches (95%), head 51 cm (95%). Caiden is a big boy! He is super tall! People are always asking if he is three years old.

Here are some facts about Caiden:

-He is currently in 2t-3t clothing and is a size 7-8 shoe.

-He has 16 teeth, he hasn't got his two year molars yet.

-His hair is SUPER curly. I am happy that after many haircuts his hair is still curly. Looks like its for life. We love it!

-His favorite toys are: Cars and trucks, plastic animals, balls and trains.

-He loves books, just like his mama.

-His favorite foods are: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (ok he LOVES every berry actually he loves fruit), cheese, pizza, pasta and hummus.

-His current favorite books are: Go Dogs Go, Hooper Humperdink Not Him, Hand Hand Finger Thumb (he's really enjoying Dr Seuss right now), Hop on Pop, and The Things You can Think if Only you try.

-He loves Sesame Street and watches it every morning while mama showers. He is a big Elmo fan! He also loves the movie Horton Hear's a Who.

-Caiden can count to 13. One day I said, "Caiden how many legs does this Hippo have?" He started to count them and got to 4 and just kept going. I was shocked he counted straight all the way to 13. I had know idea he could do that.

-Caiden still likes to sign. Some of the things he signs is: more, eat, work, church, cheese, elephant, lion, monkey, rhino, all done, bear, where...there are more but I cant think of them all at the moment. :)

-We have been working on colors with Caiden. Its coming very slowly. Everything to him is red and blue. He will get it one day!

-Loves animals! Some of his favorites are elephants, hippos, monkeys and lions.

-Mr Caiden is a talking machine now! I absolutely love to have conversations with him. He speaks in sentences now. It is so fun! He can really make me laugh by the things that he says. There are only a few words that we can live without him saying they are: No, Mine and dont like. We hear these words many times during the day...can you say terrible two's!

-Within the last few months we have had difficulty getting Caiden to sleep. He goes to bed at 7 and plays in his crib for about an hour before he falls a sleep. Sometimes he will wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for hours...ugh! He is also a early riser and wakes up anywhere between 5:00-6:30. I still have hope that one day he will sleep till 7 consistently.

-He still takes a Binky when he sleeps only. He would prefer to have it all the time. He is really attached. When he turned 18 months we decided he gets it for bed only. He adjusted really well.


You bring so much joy into our lives. There is never a dull moment in our day. It has been such a joy to see you grow and learn these last two years. Everything excites you: the sounds of birds, firetrucks, trains, people, in this current season Christmas lights, and just about anything new to you. Your dad and I love to have conversations with you, its always fun to hear what you have to say. You are always making us laugh. You are a great big brother. Even though you get frustrated that Landon plays with your toys, you still love to help care for him. You love when Landon plays in the fort with you and you love trying to tackle him (even though mommy doesnt like it very much). I am so blessed to be able to stay home and care for you and Landon. We love you so much Bubba! We cant wait to see what this next year brings!

Love you, Mommy and dada!

I was tired of messing with blogger so the pics are a little out of order, sorry!

Taken the morning of his 2nd Birthday!

Smirking while everyone sings to him!

Happy Cake!

Sesame Street Cake!

Fruit, salad and pizza

Trying to scare the kids at his party with a Giraffe that says "ROAR!!!" HAHA! Silly boy!

Checking out his new fish from Auntie Jamie.

New Firetruck from Bella. Huge hit with all the kids!

Landon enjoy Caidens new vacuum.

New Beta fish, Bert and Ernie!

Trucks and new books from mama and dada. Those are his current favorite books.

Can you tell he was excited about this gift from Nana and Papa?

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