Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Landon is gettting so big and his looks seem to be changing everyday. He is a really happy baby and loves to smile. Just like Caiden, when he was 2 month's old, Landon is sleeping through the night...Yahoo!!! Landon also rolled over for the first time the other day. We had landon's 2 month appt. here are his stats: Weight - 12.13lbs (78%), height - 23.5 inches(73%), and his head is in the 64%. He has amazingly doubled his birth weight already and has grown just over 3 inches! He is growing just like his big brother at this age.

We don't think that Caiden and Landon look much alike. Caiden has really light skin, like mama, and Landon has olive skin, like his dada! Caiden has really light eyes and Landons look like they will be dark brown, like dada. Caiden seems to have dada's nose and Landon seems to have mama's. Landon's lips are much fuller then Caiden. We looked at my (Mandy's) baby pictures and Landon looks like I did as a baby, minus the olive skin. Caiden has a dimple in his chin, Landon doesn't. It really is hard to tell at the moment but as they get older they may start looking more alike.

It is really difficult to get a pic of the boys together. This is the best I got! Do you think they look alike?

This is the only pic that I have taken where I think Landon looks like Caiden. But I cant decide what it is about the pic that makes them look the same.


LOVE those cheeks!


Playing with daddy!

Cute pic with mom before bath.

I couldn't resist putting him in Caidens Truck. Caiden did not like it though and went up and hit his brother for being in his truck. Opps mama's fault!


Sandra said...

Yeahh! You posted photos of your little guys! Thanks, we so much enjoy seeing them grow. Caiden still is a baby yet next to Landon he is a boy. Beautiful looking kids. Enjoy your family!

Sonia said...

Those boys look yummy!
They are beautiful!
Of course, I'm the proud grandma.
Love to all,
Sonia & Chris