Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bunny Bounce at the Zoo!

The Saturday before Easter we took the boys to the Woodland Park Zoo for there Bunny Bounce Easter egg hunt! My sister Krystle, her husband Ryan and my sister Jamie came with us. This was Caidens first Egg hunt! He had so much fun picking up eggs and putting them in his bag. He even shared his eggs and put them in another little boys basket. :) Caiden also got to ride on a Carousel for the first time. I realized that we didnt get many pics of Landon but he was bundled up alseep in the stroller most of the time, it was freezing out!

Daddy showing Caiden how to open the eggs and Caiden is wondering why there is nothing in them!

OOOHHHH!!! There are some over there!

Caidens first ride on a Carousel. He was afraid so daddy had to sit with him!

A family pic in the Zoomarium. Caiden was not happy he had to stop playing to get a pic taken!

The whole group! I love them!

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The Carroll's said...

Those boys look so much like twins. You guys had twins the hard way. funny.