Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tulip Fields 2010

We took our very first trip to the Tulip Fields in Mt Vernon on Saturday. Hugh and I have been talking about going for years and decided we should finally go and take the boys. We had so much fun! The Tulips were beautiful! The weather held up nicely for us it was cloudy and windy and no rain! Caiden had a lot of fun running around outside. I don't think he has ever walked that much before and totally crashed the whole way home. We realized that Landon had a cold by the time we got there, so he was asleep in the Ergo the entire trip. Before we arrived at the Tulip fields we went and ate at Apple Bee's this was the first time we took Caiden and allowed him to eat off the kids menu. I know it sounds silly but he eats really healthy and we thought it would be a nice treat for him! :) Caiden loved it of course!

Beautiful Tulips!
As you can see he started feeling better! This was in the car right before we headed home.

Caiden had so much fun!

Sleepy baby!

We took a ride on the Tractor Trolley! Caiden is such a boy and LOVED the tractor!

Caiden running in the tulips!

Helping Caiden so he wouldn't fall (again) and get all muddy!

Checking out the Tulips!

The best family pic we could get!

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Sandra said...

Awesome pictures of the family and the tulips. We're so glad you posted pictures on your blog. We enjoy seeing the boys at every stage. They are so bonitos.

Sandra & Kirby