Sunday, June 27, 2010

Caiden is 18 months!

Caiden turned 18 months on May 28...I know he will be 19 months tomorrow I am a little late with this post. We are loving this age! Caiden has a fantastic sense of humor, he loves to laugh and make others laugh. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't say a new word and it always takes us by surprise. It really is amazing how much they learn and are capable of at this age. Amongst all of the good in Caiden he is a typical 18 month old and throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. All around Caiden is a really mellow kid and we are so blessed to have him as our son!

Here are a few things that Caiden loves:

-Landon- He is a wonderful big brother and is always looking out for Landon. He lets me know if Landon needs me or if Landon is touching something he is not supposed to.
-Being outside
-The Zoo and Aquarium (we have memberships thanks to Grandma Sonia!)
-Fruit (especially berries and applesauce)
-Dada and Mama (also known as Bob...I will explain this more later)
-Airplanes and Trucks
-Dancing (the boy is seriously a dancing machine)
-Being the center of attention (he will do anything to make people laugh)
-Being chased and chasing others
-Looking out the window
-LOVES Books and reading
-Jumping on our bed
-The Park
-His buddy Grant and Hannah
-Playing in his closet
-His hat and sunglasses
-Making animal sounds (dog, monkey, lion-grrr, horse)

A few weeks ago Caiden had a bad fall that scared me to death! We were at my parents house and he ran to there back door. He thought the screen door was closed and went to lean on it and fell down 2 cement stairs, head first! Of course he was screaming and just wanted dada. Lucky for him he just got a huge scrape and lump on his forehead, it could have been a lot worse. (see pic below)

Caiden has started to call me by a new name..."Bob!" I have no idea why he calls me Bob but Hughey and I have a theory. Hughey calls me mom and babe so maybe he is putting those together some how and mom and Bob have the same mouth shape so that could be a possibility. So for now I am Bob! I must admit I miss hearing him call me mama but I know eventually I will hear it again!

I have stopped keeping track of the words Caiden says because its to hard to keep up with him but, here are a few of his most recent things he is saying...

Hand (hom)
shoe (sh-low, it actually sounds like slow)
cheese (he signs and says this word)
more (he has always signed this word and recently started saying it)
throw (fro)
bye bye
Basketball (baba)
Mailman ("mama," of course the mailman gets to be called mama)

I have been teaching Caiden animal signs here are some that he knows...


A few other things...
Caiden has 8 teeth and 2 molars are currently coming.
He has SUPER curly hair.
He is now wearing 2T clothing and a size 7 shoe.
Caiden only gets his binky for nap and bedtime and is surprisingly do FANTASTIC! He never asks for it during the day and never trys to steal Landons. I am really shocked he has done so well without it...he was so in LOVE with his binky!

I know this is really long but these are things that we wanted to remember!

At the zoo


Playing with his new train set

Having fun at Forest Park

Being silly

Playing at the Park

When he wears his glasses he loves it when we say, "cool dude!"

Here is his head after his fall. :(

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Tania said...

So great that you are keeping track of likes and words. It'll be fun to look back on. He is such a cutie with all that curly hair. Glad he was ok after to fall, I know I'd be scared too.