Friday, July 16, 2010

Out door fun and Berry picking!

Now that summer has officially begun we have been spending a lot of time outside. We bought the boys a water table and a sandbox to play with in the backyard which has brought much entertainment!

A couple weeks ago we went berry picking with our friends the Arndt's. We decided we would go to Biringer Farms. When we arrived they were just closing...bummer! So instead of being able to pick berries we bought a couple flats of berries and allowed the kids to run around a play for a bit. There is always next year I guess!

Caiden and Grant laughing together! They are so funny!

Landon hanging out on the porch.

I think this pic is funny! Grant makes Caiden laugh a lot!

At Biringer Farms

Sliding Biringer Farms

Silly daddy!


I thought Landon would have been in the pic but I guess I didnt turn enough.

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