Monday, July 19, 2010

Caiden's First Haircut!

Caiden got his first haircut on July 14th. It was long over due! I had wanted to get his haircut a long time ago but everyone kept telling me "no dont cut it!" because it is so curly. I am so glad we looks so great! He cried during most of the cut until I gave him a buzz light year toy to play with and then he calmed down for a while. Some friends told me about this place in Edmonds, Fey's Shear Delight, that cuts kids hair a dollar for each year old they are. So it only cost us $1.00 to get Caidens cut plus tip! I think she did a great job and we will definitely being go back for future haicuts!

Before-I love his curls but his hair is so crazy!




Calmed down for Buzz

After-Now he looks like a little boy! Tear...

After-He was relieved to out of that seat!

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Shawna said...

Love his curly hair! He is a doll. He did great getting his hair did ;)