Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chelan Trip!

We took our first family vacation with our friends the Arndts...Mike, Mallory, Grant (2) and Hannah (10 months) August 8th-August 15. We had a great time! I was a little anxious about how the boys would do but they did great. They even did wonderfully on the long car ride! The condo we stayed in was a 2 bedroom so the Arndts had one room and we had the other. Our room had a bathroom so Landon slept in a pack n play in the bathroom and Caiden stayed in the room with us. The boys slept great and napped great! I was really shocked but, very relieved! Our condo was in a perfect location we were right on the lake, near a park and the pool. Our days consisted of playing at the park, throwing lots of rocks in the lake (Caidens favorite thing to do), boat rides, swimming in the pool and enjoying one anothers company. When it came to swimming Caiden is not the biggest fan. He was actually afraid and preferred to play around the outside of the pool but Landon loved to swim. Landon is going to be our fish child!

Thanks Arndts for inviting us on this trip! We had a great time! Lets do another trip together again next year! Love ya guys!

First time playing tee-ball

LOVES the water!

Both boys were ready to be done...but we had to get a family pic! :)

My good friend Mallory and I and the babies!

Boat ride!

Loves to swing!


We spent lots of time at the park!

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