Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Landon 9 Months!

Landon and Mama

Landon and Dada at the hat store in Leavenworth!

HAHA! He was mad because I told him to stop eating sand! He is a sensitive little guy!

LOVES to swing!

Landon turned 9 months on Aug 5th! I know I am a little late with ths post considering he is now 10 months but, better now then never! Landon is such a sweet fun boy! We are so blessed to have 2 amazing little boys! Landon absolutely loves Caiden. Caiden is really the only person that can make Landon laugh hard. Its amazing how many things Landon has learned just by watching what Caiden does. Landon is a amazing sleeper, he takes 2 naps a day and sleeps 12 hours a night! We had Landons 9 month appt. and here are the stats: weight 21.10 lbs (69 %), height 29 inches (76 %), Head 47 cm (91 %). The funny thing is this was Caidens stats when he was 6 months old...yep you read that right 6 months! HA! Landon is quite a bit smaller then Caiden was at this age. It is amazing how the boys are so different. They look different, Caiden seemed to do things early and Landon is taking his time and so far there personalities seem to be a little different. It will be interesting to see them when they are older!

Here are a few facts and likes of Landon:

-Started crawling a few days before he turned 9 months.
-Pulled himself up to standing position a day before he turned 10 months -He started saying dada at 7 months and mama at 10 months
-Whenever he hears the song, "If Your Happy and you Know it" (which is Caidens favorite song) he claps his hands through the whole song!
-He LOVES to play peek-a-boo. It's absolutely adorable, he covers his face with his hands. The funny part is one hand covers one eye and the other hand he places on the side of his head! He started doing this at 8 months.
-His fav foods at the moment bananas and cheese!
-When he hears people laugh he does a fake laugh to copy, very funny! I need to get a video of it.
-He loves following Caiden around.
-He has always been a fussy baby but once he started crawling he has been really good. He doesnt fuss to much.
-OMG! He is busy! Caiden has always been such a mellow kid but Landon gets into everything. He loves to explore and get into cupboards. I have a feeling he is always going to keep us on our toes!
-Loves the water! I definitely think he is going to be a water kid!
-He loves to snuggle before bed. I hum to him and rock him before bed, I love it!
-As of now he is refusing to Sign. I have been trying for months and he just screams at me if I sign the word "more".
-He has started to wave and give kisses.
-He has also started to dance.
-He loves to be sung to just like his brother.
-He is sensitive! I have to watch my facial expressions around him. If we look upset in anyway he starts to cry. He has always been sensitive! He seems to be getting a little better now that he is older.
-He is currently wearing 12-18 month clothing.
-He has 5 teeth, 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Its funny because the two on top are not the top front 2. He has the side 2 teeth. He looks a little funny with a huge gap in the front!
Here is a few quick little story I want to share just because I want the boys to read them when they are older.

I was giving the boys a bath one day when I heard Caiden say pee! I look over and he is peeing on Landon! Lovely!

We have a seat in the tub for Landon. I look over one day while I was bathing them and Landon had escaped out of the seat and was standing in it! Yikes! I think this is a good example of the fearlessness in this kid. Or maybe he is a normal kid! I am just comparing him to Caiden and he never was able to get out of that seat.

We love our boys so much! It is definitely challenging raising two boys this close in age but it is fun to see them grow and learn together! We would never change a thing! We love you!

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