Wednesday, November 17, 2010


For Halloween Caiden was a Lion and Landon was a Monkey. We took them trick or treating in downtown Edmonds with our friends the Arndts. I love trick or treating downtown! They close the streets and all the shops handout goodies to all the kids. Caiden had a great time and thought it was so cool that everyone wanted to give him candy. He would walk up to people and say candy instead of trick or treat! Landon on the other hand didnt enjoy himself as much as Landon. I think all the costumes scared him so he clung to daddy the whole time and would not allow anyone else to hold him. After we trick or treated when took the kids to Starbucks for some hot chocolate.

Caiden saying, "Candy"

Caiden (Lion), Landon (Monkey), Hannah (flower) and Grant (hamburger)

Our wild animals!

This is how Landon looked the whole night. Not happy and stay with daddy!

If you asked Caiden what he was he would say, "LION GRRRRR!"

Get this hat off me!

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