Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Landon's 1st Birthday!

Landon turned one on November 5th, but we celebrated his birthday on the 13th because we were in Utah for a wedding. We seriously cannot believe that our baby boy is one already! Landon is a bundle of fun! He loves his big brother Caiden and wants to do everything that Caiden does. It is amazing how many things he has learned just by watching Caiden (good and bad) such as, how to bark like a dog, make Elephant sounds, how to jump into pillows, how to throw huge tantrums, and how to get angry when someone takes your toy. Landon's first word was dada (he said it when he was 8 months old) and we are still working on mama. Other words he says are, hi, bye bye, down, done, nigh night, Steve (Steve is his uncle and one day he looked at him and said St), dog, banana, woof woof and he likes to make monkey sounds. I have been trying to get Landon to sign for a long time he finally decided to start at 11 months old. His first sign was milk. Once he turned one he started to sign a lot more. He now signs more, thank you, please, snack, shoe, elephant and food.

We had Landon's 1 year dr appt. here are the stats: weight 23.3 lbs (56%), height 30.75 inches (79%) and head 48.3 cm (93%).

Some facts about Landon:

-He LOVES the bath! You even say the word bath and he starts crawling down the hall. He stops at the bathroom door and starts yelling for us.

-He is not walking yet but is super close. Today, actually, is the most steps he has ever taken! He walked almost the full length of the hall way. I am thinking he will be a full walker in just a few days!

-He loves daddy and runs to him right when he gets home from work.

-He is a super busy boy and loves to explore and get into draws and cupboards. If we accidentally leave a door open to the bedrooms he will immediately go down the hall as fast as he can to try to go in the room. I have found him in our bathroom many times. He really keeps me on my toes! :)

-He is going to be our little climber. He loves to climb into a toddler rocking chair we have. I find him using it as a stool to reach stuff on our book case. He tries to climb up a slide we have all the time.

-His favorite foods are cheese, pasta with tomato sauce and bananas.

-He thinks Caiden is hilarious.

-When we tell him no he sits there and argues with us and eventually he gives up. Its hilarious!

-It takes Landon a while to warm up to people. The only people he will allow to hold him all the time are mama, dada and Nana. He will allow other people to hold him but it takes sometime for him to warm up. I believe he maybe our introvert child. He doesn't like it when we have big get togethers. Hugh and I have to hold him a lot of the time because he wont allow us to put him down.

-He likes Elmo just like his big brother.

-He loves books!

-Caiden came up with the nickname Lay-lo. We all now call him that. I think its cute!

-One of my favorite things that Landon does is blow kisses it is so sweet. When he blows kisses he says muah!

-He loves music. Even if he hears someone humming he stops and starts to dance.

-Loves to be chased.

-One of Landons favorite activities is to dive into a pile of pillows. Him and his brother can do it all day! They love it!

-Landon is a AMAZING sleeper! He sleeps 6:30-7:00 everyday and is still taking 2 naps, each nap being 1 hour+.

-Landon has 8 teeth. 4 on top and 4 on bottom.

-Landon is in 12-18 month clothing and wears a size 5 shoe.


We love you so much! You are such a fun sweet little boy. You have not only been a blessing to your daddy and me but to Caiden too. He has so much fun playing with you. Your brother loves to have you chase him and play in the fort under the table with him. We love to watch you two playing it makes us so happy. We have loved seeing you grow and learn this last year and cant wait to see what new things you will be doing this next year! We love you so much buddy! Happy 1st Birthday!

Our little cutie at his b-day party!

Opening presents

Checking out his new stuff!

He did really well opening his gifts! He loved the paper of course!

Caiden, Landon and Grant. I dressed Landon and Caiden in the same shirt and then Grant showed up in the same one too! Aren't they cute?!

Playing with his new toy from Nana and Papa

We decided to do snacks for his party. Watermelon, Cantulope, berries, hummus and bread, chips and Pirates Booty.

For his party we did a wild animal theme. This is his Lion cupcake cake.

Landons own personal cake to dive into!

And when I say dive into I mean literally! We couldnt believe how much of the cake he ate! We finally had to cut him off! HAHA!


I thought it would be fun to add a picture of Caiden at his 1st b-day. Dont they look so different? Its crazy!

And of course a family pic!

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