Friday, June 3, 2011

Landon Admitted to the Hospital.

Caiden had caught a cold which instantly made me so nervous because I knew that Landon would catch it.  Well, he did!  I started to nebulize Landon the first day he showed signs of getting sick, even before he was wheezing hoping it would didn't.  On day 3 of his cold the treatments weren't really helping he was only lasting about 2 hours or less between treatments.  He should be lasting about 4-6 hours.  So Hugh and I knew we needed to bring him in to get a stronger treatment and to get a steroid.  Unfortunately, the Dr. office was closed already so we had to bring him to Childrens Hospital.  We arrived about 7:00 pm.  My mom came over and watched Caiden for us while we took Landon.  Then when we found out we were staying overnight Steve and Emily stepped in and took the monitor (they live downstairs) so my mom could go home and sleep.  Landon's wheezing was scored a 8 out of 10.  So they brough him back and had to do a hour long treatment on him.  Luckily, Landon was so tired he fell asleep on me and stayed asleep through the whole treatment.  They also gave him a steroid.  After the treatment the Dr.'s informed us we needed to stay for a hour to see how he does.  After the hour they noticed that Landons oxygen saturation was a little low.  Nothing dangerous, but it was staying about 91%. They were worried that if we took him home that it would go to low when he sleeps because naturally it does go down when we sleep.  So they informed us that we need to admit Landon to the hospital.  After much discussion, Hugh and I decided I would stay with Landon and he would go home to sleep and care for Caiden.  By this time it was 2:00 am.  We were exhausted and so was poor Landon.  The Dr.'s informed us they didn't want to give Landon any oxygen yet they wanted to watch him while he slept to see what happens.  Landon woke up about 8:00 am and the nurses came into check his vitals.  They informed me that the lowest his oxygen got was 89% which isn't bad.  They told me if it had went under 88% is when they would have given him oxygen.  They told me he would probably be going home today but we had to wait for the Dr's to make their rounds first.  They Dr's didn't even come to see Landon till after 1:00 pm.  What was more frustrating is my phone had died so I couldn't call Hughey to let him know what was going on.  Luckily the hospital had chargers you could borrow. Yahoo!  The bad part was it was on the 5th floor and Landon was quarantined (he had a virus) to his room. So, I had to leave him with a nurse so I could go get food (I was starving) and to get the charger.   I felt terrible leaving him with someone he didn't know especially in this situation where he was sick and not in a familiar place.  I rushed and when I came back he wasn't screaming anymore. He was sitting on the nurses lap reading a book.  After needing one more small treatment we were discharged at 4:30 pm.  Then we had to wait another half hour for his prescription.  I have never seen Landon so happy when we told him it was time to go home!  He had been asking about daddy and Caiden all day!

We are so blessed to have so much family around us to help out when we are in situations like this.  My mom came to our house while Caiden was napping so Hughey could come help me with Landon in the hospital. Then she got him up and brought him to her house.  After we left the hospital we picked Caiden up at my parents had dinner there and finally went home.  Landon was so exhausted he passed out instantly when we got home. Thanks to Nana, Steve and Emily for helping out!

Landon was such a trooper during this whole thing!  He would cry when the nurses came in and cling to me but would quickly stop to show them the backhoes outside lol! Sadly, I think he is getting used to Dr's now since we see them everytime he has a cold.  I wanted to add, we had the best room at the hospital ever!  When we woke up in the morning and looked out the window it was a construction site.  Landon stood up in his crib and yelled HOE (his word for backhoe). He was so excited! We got to watch Diggers, backhoes, dump trucks and cranes all day long.  It really kept him occupied!

I didn't have a camera with me and my phone was dead most of the time.  But here are a few pics I was able to take before we left the hospital.  They are phone pics so they aren't the best of quality.

Looking out the windows watching the construction.

In the hospital crib wearing my badge.  He didn't have to stay in there.  We spent a lot of time running around the room and hiding in cupboards! HA!

This being our 3rd ER visit in under a year I came prepared with a bag of books, cars and snacks!

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The Heaviland Family said...

I am so sorry you guys had to go through this again. I am glad Landon is better and you are all home together again. Miss you guys!