Friday, August 10, 2012

Elliotte Grace Veal

Has it seriously been a year since I have blogged?!  There has been a lot of changes here in the Veal house.  The biggest and most important change is we added a new family member on April 24, 2012, Miss Elliotte Grace Veal.  The boys have grown and learned so much this last year, both boys had birthdays, Landon moved into a big boy bed, we remodeled our main bathroom, painted the boys rooms, bought a minivan, Landon got glasses, the boys took a few Gymnastic classes, Hughey got a job at Boeing, Caiden is starting preschool in the Fall and we are in the process of buying our first home! I will go more into everything in another post.  This one is about Ellie!

Elliotte (we call her Ellie) was born April 24th, 2012 weighing 8.4 lbs and 20.5 inches long.  I was 5 days over due when she finally decided to make her entrance she came very quickly!  The total labor was 4 hours and 45 minutes.  I had been in labor at home for about a hour and the contractions were already 2 minutes apart.  When we arrived at the hospital I was already dilated to a 6-7 and was BEGGING for a epidural.  I was informed I had to have a full bag of fluids before I could get my epidural.  I was progressing so fast I was afraid I wasn't going to get.  When I finally got it I was dilated to about a 9. Yikes!  After the epidural she arrived 45 minutes later, after about 28 minutes of pushing.  Since I tested positive for Group Strep B, we had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours.  The labor was so fast I didn't get the meds that I needed so they needed to observe baby to make sure she didn't get sick.  Thankfully she was a healthy little girl and there were no complications!  While I was in the hospital my mom cared for the boys.  When they came to visit me I cried when they left.  I had never been away from them overnight.  It was difficult but we all survived and I am grateful for my family for caring for them.

Ellie is currently 15 weeks old and has grown a ton! We had her 2 month appt (technically she was 10 weeks old I couldn't get her in sooner).  Her stats were weight 12.10lbs (83%), height 23.75 inches (87%) and her head 40.5 cm, (83%).  She is growing and healthy.  She is currently wearing 3 month clothing but I think she is going to be moving into 6 month soon, she is a tall lady!  Poor girl has already had 2 colds.  I guess that's what happens when you have two older brothers.  One cold was so bad she had to be on antibiotics because her cough wouldn't go away.  We are also thinking so has Reflux, just like Caiden did, and is currently taking meds for that. Its hard to tell though because sometimes she screams when we feed her and sometimes she is totally fine.  Its seeming to get better the older she is getting.  She has been smiling for a while now.  She smiled at me for the first time at about 4 weeks old and is more and more smiley everyday! People ask me if I notice a difference between her and the boys yet.  I have noticed that she is grabbing at toys already. This is definitely earlier then the boys.  I heard that girls motor skills develop faster then boys.

Ellie has become a little to used to being in the Ergo and being rocked to sleep we are currently trying to sleep train her.  She is an amazing sleeper at night.  Currently she is sleeping from about 7-8 at night to about 5-6am.  Cant complain about that!  She doesn't nap very well right now (ok she is a awful napper) but we are working on that.  She literally naps a total of a hour to a hour in a half the entire day.  I have tried everything and she doesnt want to nap more then 30 minutes or less at a time.  The boys were never like this so I have no idea what to do.  I have tried to let her cry and she has cried for about 2 hours before and still won't sleep.

Ellie Grace- You have no idea how much we wanted you!  We were so thrilled when we found out we were having a little girl.  Your daddy and I had prayed we would have a little girl. God graciously answered those prays and we are so thrilled!  Your brothers told me all along that they wanted a girl baby.  They love you so much and are constantly kissing and hugging you.  Hence, why you have already had 2 colds!  You are such a wonderful addition to our family and we love you so much sweet girl!  I am so excited for this next year to see you grow, play and interact with your brothers.  You little lady have wonderful brothers who will always look out and protect you.  Caiden tells me all the time he is going to protect baby sweet! We love you!

Giving Ellie a present!

First bath at home.

Ellie at 15 weeks.

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