Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ellie 4 months!

 The blog post is a little late Ellie is already almost 6 months old but I want to document her 4 month stats.  Ellie had her 4 month appt (she was actually 4 1/2 months) her stats were: weight 16.4 lbs (76%), height 26.5 inches (97%) very tall lady, head 42.7 cm (88%).  It is crazy how are kids are so tall!  Ellie is currently wearing 6 month clothing but I can already tell that she will be in 9 month soon.  Ellie's clogged tear duct finally came unclogged right after turning 4 months old.  I was so excited it finally came unclogged. It was so goopey all the time and kept getting infected.  Ellie is such a great and happy baby!  I will admit the first 3 months were really difficult.  Now, she is such a happy baby and is always smiling.  At 4 1/2 months Ellie rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time. Its funny because she hasn't figured out to roll from her tummy to her back yet which is easier. So she rolls to her tummy and gets mad because she cant roll back.  She still sleeps really well at night with only one feeding.  Naps are beginning to get better I finally have her on a schedule that seems to be working for her.  The big news during her 4th month is we put her in her own room! Which also means the boys started sharing a room.  I am happy to report that the transition went way better then I could have expected.  The boys are sleeping great sharing a room and Ellie is loving her own room.  The only problem is Caiden is a early riser and tends to wake up Landon.  They start playing in their room and get a little noisy and wake up Ellie.  This little lady brings us all so much joy!

 I love this pic! Look at all that chubbiness! 

The boys are always wanting to hold and kiss Ellie.  Here she looks like she is saying "Get off of me!"

We started using the Jumperoo. She loves it!

For a long time this has been her signature smile. She always sticks her tongue out! Ha!

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