Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caiden Started Preschool!

My biggest baby has started preschool.  It does give me a little heartache to have him away 3 days a week for 3 hours.  Hugh and I debated for awhile if we wanted to put him in preschool for 1 or 2 years.  Well, Caiden decided he wanted to go now because a lot of his friends are going. So we signed him up! He is attending Cedar Park Christian School.  I was a little nervous about the first day.  You see, Caiden is with me all the time, I have never had to trust people I don't know to care for him and I wasn't sure how he would do.  Well, I can happily report he has been doing amazing and is loving preschool!  When we pulled into his school for the first day he said, "Mom! I don't have a backpack!"  I said, "Caiden your teacher said you didn't need one." He said, "But I really want one!" He noticed that other kids were walking into the class with backpacks.  So, of course, I did go out and get him one.  The funny thing is he hasn't wanted to bring it to school once.  I asked him, why? He said, " I am afraid one of the other kids is going to take it!" LOL! Apparently he really likes his backpack! Silly boy! He has been in school for over a month  now and has made lots of new friends.  He tells me that his favorite part of school is snack (the kid loves food) and recess.  His teacher's name is Ms. Lee and the assistant teacher they is Mrs. Teresa.  After a few weeks in school I arrived to pick him up and his teacher came up to me and said we had a little incident today.  I was immediately surprised because this is not like Caiden.  Come to find out a boy in his class pinched Caiden on both cheeks during Chapel.  The teacher said that Caiden was pretty upset but they were able to calm him down.   While Caiden is in school Ellie naps and Landon and I get to spend sometime together.  Landon loves to help me bake and cook so I try to plan something for us to cook together while Caiden is at school.  I am so happy that Caiden is loving school and learning a lot but I sure miss him while he is there!

Caiden- We are so proud of you little buddy! You are doing so good in school!  Your teacher told me that you get along with everyone in the class (your so much like your daddy).  I cant believe you are in school already.  I love that you get so excited to see me when I come and pick you up.  I also, love that you have to have a hug and kiss before I drop you off.   I get excited to pick you up knowing that you get excited to tell me about your day.  We love you so much little buddy and cant wait to see you learn and grow this following school year!

 He had to do a funny face!

 Picture with mom on the first day.

 Checking everything out on the first day.

New backpack!

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