Monday, March 8, 2010

Caiden 15 months old!

Caiden is now 15 months old! I cant believe it has already been 3 months since his birthday! We are absolutely loving this age! He is so much fun and makes us laugh all the time. He loves to help me with things around the house such as, putting dirty laundry in the hamper and if I need something he likes to get it for me. It is so cute to see how proud of himself he gets when he helps. I recently saw Caiden throwing dirt and food he finds on the floor into the kitchen sink. This tells me that we really have to start watching what we do because he is starting to mimic everything.

The other day I put Caiden in the bath while I was getting ready. While drying my hair I looked over and saw that he was trying to put something in his Boon Spout (a Boon Spout is a cover for the bathtub faucet that has a place that you can put soap in to make bubbles). When I looked closer I noticed it was POOP! It had only been 1 minute since I looked at him and he was squishing poop in his hands and trying to stuff it in the Boon...YUCK!

We had Caiden's 15 month appt. here are the stats...weight: 29.3lbs (94%), height: 33 inches (93%), head: 49.3 cm (95%). He is definitely a big boy!

Some of the new words Caiden is saying:
Bubble, hi, strawberry, plane

New words he is signing:
Please (he signs it on his thighs instead of his cute!)

Caiden is really into planes at the moment. Anytime he hears a plane he runs to the window yelling plane. He will hear a lawn mower or hear Aunt Emily vacuum downstairs and he thinks it s a plane. He is so funny!

Here is some random pics!

Caiden playing bubbles with Nana

This was the day he said bubbles for the first time!

Caiden and Nana

Caiden thought it was so funny that Landon was touching him. I think Landons face here is hilarious! He is so serious and has no idea he is making Caiden laugh!

LOVES the bath!

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