Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making Christmas Cookies!

My mom and sister Jamie came over to make Christmas sugar cookies with the boys and I.  This was the first baking experience for them and they had a blast.  Caiden loved to play in the flour (of course), he liked to push the cookie cutters in the dough and he liked to eat the dough!  Yes, that's right he kept sneaking pieces of dough into his mouth.  I finally had to cut him off and tell him no more dough.  It was funny though because he kept trying to sneak more.  He would make sure I wasn't looking then try to quickly put it in his mouth.  Silly boy!  Landon loved to play with the cookie cutters.  Anytime we dropped something he would pick it up and hand it to us.  He's a great little helper! 

This big eyed little boy was a great helper!

 I didn't have a rolling pin so I used a Pam can.  Hey, it worked!

 Loved playing in all the flour!

Guilty look! Trying to eat more dough! This picture makes me laugh!

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