Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010!

I was so excited for Christmas morning!  Hugh and I had stayed up late to put together the boy's kitchen, that we bought them, and their table and chairs that Bella and Chris got them.  It was so fun to watch the boys see their kitchen for the first time.  They both had huge smiles on their faces and quickly ran over to check out how it all worked.  After opening gifts Uncle Steve and Auntie Emily came up stairs and we all had breakfast together.  The boys played all morning and afternoon until nap.  After nap we headed over to my parents house to have dinner and open gifts.  My parents have been quite excited to give the boys their gift for a long time. They got them an automatic ride on semi-truck, which they love!  To say our kids were spoiled this year is an understatement!  With both the boys having birthdays in November and then Christmas in December our house has been taken over by toys! :)  We had such a blessed holiday season filled with family and friends!

Thank you God for sending your one and only son to save us!  You have truly blessed our family!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

 Checking out their kitchen for the first time!

 Sitting at their new table, eating their fake food!

 Reading his new books!  I think he liked them! :)

 New cars from Uncle Steve and Auntie Emi!

 Sitting with Auntie Emi checking out his new camera!

 Opening gifts at my parents house!

 The much anticipated truck!
 Trying it out!

 Already fighting over it! HA!
 Finally my turn!

This was the first time he actually got to ride it.  It wasn't charged yet at my parents house!

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