Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caiden is Potty Trained!!!

Caiden had been showing signs of being ready to be potty trained since he first turned two.  I had heard that boys don't typically potty train until they are three.  I also heard that boys are difficult to potty train.  So I of course, thought there was no way he was ready...boy was I wrong!  A month after Caiden turned two we bought him a potty and wanted to see what he would do.  We showed him the potty and immediately he sat down and peed.  I couldn't believe it!  We decided that we would wait a little longer to potty train him, mainly because I was so nervous to do it!  I had heard from so many people how difficult potty training boy's was, so I was scared to death and had no idea what I was doing.  So, a few months later I went to pick Caiden up from the children's ministry at church and they informed me that he saw some of the other kids using the potty and asked if he could.  I was blown away! They even told me he actually went standing up!  This really showed me that Caiden was ready and I need to get ready too!  So Hugh and I picked a weekend that we would start and never look back. A few weeks before potty training started we got Caiden a book called, Prince of the Potty, by Nora Gaydos.  I would really recommend this book for any one potty training.  They also have it in a girls version.  The is a part in the book where the little boy would sit on the potty and wait and wait for somethings to happen.  So at first Caiden would sit on the potty and say, "I wait and wait" haha so cute!  
     The first day of training started on March 19th.  I must say I was nervous that morning not knowing what to expect or how Caiden was going to feel about all of this.  But of course he completely amazed me and did awesome!  Hugh and I decided we would only use pull ups for when he is sleeping and underwear for the rest of the day.  On day one he only had 3 accidents all pee!  I might add that they were never full on accidents he would start to go then stop and run to the potty and finish.  He never went #2 that day he was to scared and held it all day.  But the next day he couldn't hold it any longer and went.  After that we never had issues with #2 again!  
    After potty training for 4 days I decided to try my first outing with Caiden in undies.  I was so nervous because at home he would only use his potty and not the big potty.  I decided to take him to the mall where I knew there were many bathrooms, so if we had to get to one in a hurry I could find one.  I also knew that he would go standing up as long as I picked him up so he could reach.  We arrived a the mall the first thing I did was take him to the bathroom he did not want to go he was to nervous.  So of course, I bribed him!  I told him if he used the potty I would buy him a donut from Starbucks.  I knew if I could get him to use it one time he wouldn't be scared anymore.  Of course, the bribe worked and he went no problem.  I also took him to pee again before we left.  To this day, Caiden still has never had a accident in public ever (knock on wood)! 
     We now have been potty training for weeks now and Caiden is doing great!  He still has an occasional accident, mainly because he doesn't want to stop playing to use the bathroom but all in all he is doing a great job!  I seriously wish we would have potty trained him a few months ago but my fears got in the way.  It was so easy potty training him!  I just hope that Landon will be just as easy!  

     We are so proud of you Caiden you never cease to amaze us! Great job buddy!!!

Caiden in his undies!  We bought him Thomas the Train and Cars (the movie) undies!
This picture cracks me up! I had to add it!  Caiden was having a fit because he wanted to pull his own pants up.  This is what happened when he did! LOL!