Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Landons First Haircut!

Landon had his first haircut today!  Surprisingly he did really well!  We decided to cut his hair because it was starting to get a little crazy.  Everyday was becoming a struggle to get his hair to lay down.  Everyone that knows Landon knows that he has stranger anxiety BAD!  So when I made the appt I warned the lady that he may freak-out the entire time we are there, but that wasn't the case at all!  Surprisingly he did better then Caiden did for his first cut.  Great job Landon!  I think he is starting to out grow his anxiety some.  When I put him in the seat he started screaming but once she started to cut he stopped and held really still and was quiet.  I think he thought it felt really good because his eyes started to droop a little.  He looks so cute with his new cut!  I am not liking how grown up he looks though.  He lost whatever baby looks he had left with the loss of his baby curls! :(
 Really upset about being in that chair! This is also the before shot!

 Curls in the back!  Yes I am being mean and holding his face! Ha!

 Quit crying right when she started to cut!

 Making faces in the mirror.

 This kind of feels good!

 After!  So handsome!

 Scaring mommy with a Cheetah while Caiden is getting his haircut!

 So cute!

No more curls!  

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