Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter egg hunt and Easter day!

The Saturday before Easter we took the kids to a Easter egg hunt at the zoo. This is the second year we took the boys and although its fun I am thinking we will do something different next year.  When we took the boys last year it was freezing outside, so it wasn't very crowded.  This year is was insanely crowded because it was so nice outside.  Even though it was super crowded we all had a great time.  After the egg hunt we walked around the zoo and checked out all the animals.

On Easter morning we watched our church service online.  This year our church, Mars Hill, had service at Quest field.  By Gods grace there were 17,500 people and 600+ baptisms, AWESOME!  After the boys naps we went over to Grandma Sonia and Chris's house for dinner.  The boys looked so cute in their matching shirts!

I might add the boys were extremely spoiled this year.  Grandma Sonia and Chris got them a bubble lawn mower for outside, lawn chairs and a huge piano mat that they walk on to play music.  Nana and Papa got them their owe chairs for in the house from Ikea, a few new cars and a new car ramp.  Grandpa Hugh and Laura sent the boys a music CD and 3 new books. It seemed more like Christmas then Easter because of all the gifts!  Thanks to everyone that got the boys gifts!

 Landon had so much fun getting the eggs and putting them in his basket!

 Checking out what he has so far!

 Caiden was wondering why there was nothing in the eggs.

 Learning how to open and close the eggs with dad.

 I love his cheesy grin! :)

 Best family pic we could get.  Landon was not happy that we stopped his egg hunt for a pic.

 Easter baskets filled with books, big plastic Beetle, plastic Grasshopper (they love playing with fake animals and bugs), and some toy diggers and tractors.  We also found a color wonder kit from Costco.

 "OHHH whats that!"

 Checking it out!

 I love this picture!  Caiden was distracted with something else so Landon hoarded all of the new diggers and tractors and played with them by himself!

Easter pic! Landon, Caiden and Cousin Easton!  They all look so handsome in their Easter outfits! The outfit Easton is wearing is the same outfit Caiden wore for his first Easter!

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