Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Landon is 18 months!

Our little buddy Landon turned 18 months old on the 5th.  We had his doctors appointment and here are the stats: weight-26.14 lbs (64%), height-33 inches (72%) and Head-49.9 cm (94%).

Seriously, where does the time go!  I cant believe it has already been 6 months since Landon's Birthday.  I really wish I could freeze time!  I sometimes look back at the boys baby pics and cry because I know one day they wont be my little guys anymore.  So, I try my best to enjoy every moment with them because they are growing so fast! Tear...

Landon is a happy smiley little guy!  He is an amazingly sweet little boy, he laughs a lot and and is super laid back! Landon loves Caiden so much and is the typical, little brother, and wants to do everything Caiden does.  Landon is a typical rough and rugged little boy! He loves to wrestle with daddy and Caiden. He is busy, fearless, loves to run and loves to adventure.  He is also a big instigator.  He likes to pick fights with Caiden.  He knows exactly what to do get Caiden upset.  It is amazing what they understand at 18 months old!  Caiden will set down his cup and Landon will wait till Caiden isn't looking, then he will grab it and run away as fast as he can. I must admit it is kind of funny to watch! What a little stinker! Ha!

Landon is a HUGE daddies boy!  When hugh comes home from work or when its the weekends Landon doesn't want much to do with me.  He even asks about daddy throughout the day while he is at work.  I think its super sweet! I must admit I get a little upset when he rejects me but I know that daddy loves it! :)

We are so in love with our little Lay-lo!

Landon facts:

-Landon is wearing 18-24 month clothing
-He is in size 4 diapers
-He wears a size 6 shoe
-He loves the color yellow.  We noticed that he always collects the yellow cars and trucks to play with.
-He is an amazing sleeper and always has been.  He sleeps 12 hours + every night and takes a 2 hour nap everyday!
-He is our little climber and was able to climb on the coach at a young age.  He climbs on everything and anything possible.
-He knows some of the sounds of the alphabet. He knows: A,B,C,H,L,M,O,T,S,W
-Landon loves to run! He always will ask me to run around the house with him.
-He is a picky eater.  He will just look at something and decide he doesn't like it before he even tries it!
-Landon was diagnosed with Asthma about a month ago.  He only seems to be affected when he has a cold which seems to be all the time especially since he is a toddler.  We are praying that this is something he will grow out of when he is older.  The Dr said it is very possible he will grow out of it eventually.
-He is starting to bust out of his shell a little and isn't as shy as he once was.  He used to have severe stranger anxiety but within the last few months it has gotten better.  There are still only a couple of people I am able to leave him with where he doesn't scream and cry the entire time.  I can now leave him in the cart while going through the checkout line at Costco without him screaming the whole time...now thats progress!
-Landon is becoming quite the little chatter box.  I love it!  It is so fun to have conversations with him.  He is really able to tell us what he wants which is always helpful! Here are some of the more recent things he has started to say: hurt, backhoe (he says hoe, lol), train choo choo, outside, bed, ride, back, grandpa (for hughey's dad), duck, Elmo, baby, sad, yogurt, Emi (for auntie Emily), sad, baby, mailman, help, man, hippo, burp, toe and bus.
-Landon calls all people man.  HAHA! It is so cute! If we go to the grocery store he points to people and says "Man."  I guess he is technically correct!
-He LOVES LOVES LOVES books.  I will find him often sitting quietly looking through books and talking to himself.  He will turn to certain pages and remember what's happened and start talking about it.  So sweet!
-He also LOVES music and dancing.  When we are in the car I will have the radio on and look in my mirror and see him dancing in his car-seat!
-His favorite toys are cars and trucks!
-He calls his binky DEE! I have no idea why!
-Loves to take baths!
-When he wants a kiss he says MUAH MUAH!!! So sweet!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives buddy!  Cant wait to see what you do and learn in the next 6 months!  Love you!

Love this smile!

Being silly!

I love this pic of daddy and Landon checking out the Otters at the zoo!

The boys love when Hughey puts their shirts on their heads.  They run around like crazy! LOL!

Loves playing with brother!

After a bath!

Reading quietly to himself! Love this!

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