Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caiden's Big Boy Bed!

About a month ago, we decided it was time to start thinking about getting Caiden a new bed.  He has never climbed out of his crib but he is getting really tall so we thought it was time. We decided to get bunk beds since we knew Landon would eventually need a bed too and the boys would one day be sharing a room.  I took Caiden to Target to pick out some bedding.  He could careless what bedding I got so I picked out what I thought he would like.  I must admit I was nervous about getting him in a bed.  He is a great napper and I was worried that he wouldn't nap anymore because he would just get up and play.  Was I ever so wrong! 

This last weekend Hugh set up Caiden's bed.  We kept his crib up just in case we couldn't keep him in the bed. Before bed Hugh read Caiden some books and we told him that he is not allowed to get out of his bed if he needs something he is supposed to yell for us.  We also told him in the morning he had to stay in bed until we came and got him.  We laid him down and shockingly he went right to sleep! We couldn't believe it!  Was it really going to be this easy?  Caiden never falls asleep right away. He normally plays in his crib for a hour or so before falling asleep.  Then the next morning he woke up and stayed in his bed until we got him!  He has done this every night since! Oh and naps have also been great and I havent had any issues.  He goes right to sleep and waits for me to get him when he wakes up!  He is actually sleeping a lot better now that he has a big bed! What a good boy!  I must admit I did not see it going this way at all!  I am so proud of Caiden! Good job buddy!  

I might add we have a video monitor and its funny to see Caiden sleep in his bed.  He is all over the place!  Most of the time he wakes up at the end of the bed. LOL!

 His crib

 This was Caiden's room before.  The rocking chair is in Landon's room now.

 Last time in his crib!

 New bed! Caiden loves cars and trucks! So he loved the bedding!
We set the bed up and showed Caiden for the first time when it was done. When he walked in and saw it he said "Big Boy Bed!"

 After.  We haven't painted because we are renting so thats why the room is a little plain!

This was his first night! He totally passed out right away! 

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