Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caiden's Cut Eye...A Visit to Urgent Care

About a month ago Caiden was playing in the playroom while I was cooking dinner.  He suddenly came running into the kitchen holding his eye and crying.  He could really tell me what happened he was to upset.  So I assumed he got poked in the eye.  It was weird because he kept saying, "take it out" as if it felt like something was in his eye.  Finally after about 15-20 minutes he was able to open his eye and he continued to play.  It really didn't seem to be bothering him anymore.  After dinner Hugh gave the boys a bath.  He called for me and asked me if something happened to Caiden's eye because he was rubbing it then was crying like it hurt. I told what I knew.  Then he looked closer and could see a cut right over Caiden's pupil.  I called the nurse hotline and then told us we needed to bring him to urgent care to be looked at.  Sure enough he cut his eye.  They put drops in and had to patch his eye so he wouldn't rub it.  Caiden did amazing at Urgent care he allowed the nurses to clean his eye and to put the drops in without much of a fuss!  The eye heals amazingly fast by the next morning we were able to remove the patch and we couldn't even see the cut anymore.  I brought him back for a follow up visit and his eye healed great!  To this day Caiden still cant tell me exactly what happened.  All he says is his kitchen did it.  I am thinking it happened so fast he doesn't really know what cut his eye.  The pictures are from my cell phone so they aren't the best quality.
I also have a cool video we took of the cut in his eye but blogger isn't allowing me to download it.  They put drops in his eye so they can see the cut under a black light.  It was cool and gross at the same time.  If your friends with me on facebook you can see the video there.

It was past bedtime he was super tired and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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